Calculate and Convert

Convert height between feet and inches and centimeters. Find your height percentile for heights between 4'10 and 6'6.
Calculate a BMI based on your height and weight. BMI is a simplistic measure to see if somebody is within the ideal weight range. However, it is just a ballpark number and not a perfect indicator of health.
Calculate the monthly payment of an auto loan. Make sure to consider other costs, such as insurance, maintenance, gas, and other costs.
Compare the purchasing power of the US dollar between years. How much does a dollar buy compared to past years?
Convert a salary between hourly and annual. How much does your hourly salary earn on a yearly basis? What does your yearly salary earn on an hourly basis?
Calculate percentages. Calculate a percentage of a number, between two numbers, or a number expressed as a percent.
What are the dimensions of square feet or acres? An acre is roughly the size of an American football field.
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